ACORD iConductor

Message Transformation & Orchestration

ACORD ConductorTM is a comprehensive message orchestration solution for the global insurance market. It operationalizes the industry-backed ACORD Standards to package, translate, and transmit accounting, claims, and placing data.


Interface Methods

  • ACORD Messaging Service (AMS)
  • JSON
  • Approved APIs
  • Agreed Spreadsheet Formats
  • Direct Entry
  • Email


  • ePlacing & Global Placing Messages (GPM)
  • ECF (inc. DRI)
  • A&S (inc. DRI)
  • Non-ACORD messages

How ACORD Conductor Provides Value

  • Improve operational effectiveness by streamlining financial agreements, premium and claims settlement processes
  • Enhance service through improved speed, quality, and integrity of critical information
  • Reduce costs by leveraging a single platform for all integration requirements

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