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ACORD ConductorTM is a comprehensive message orchestration solution for the GRLC market. It operationalizes the industry-backed ACORD Standards to package, translate, and transmit accounting, claims, and placing data. LEARN MORE

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ACORD TranscriberTM automates the download, population, and extraction of data in ACORD Forms and other documents. Through online access, completion, and generation of forms, it enables faster speed to market, reduced operating costs, and enhanced data consistency and accuracy. LEARN MORE

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ACORD ConverterTM is a comprehensive digital transformation and processing platform. Utilizing the industry-backed ACORD Standards, it transforms and integrates data from disparate sources to enable more efficient and accurate message processing. LEARN MORE

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ADEPTTM is a platform for real-time data exchange, translation, and transformation. It links trading partners, and provides data structure, validation, and reconciliation. ADEPT provides a next-generation market capability to increase the timeliness, accuracy, and security of your data.



Getting ACORD Form Data Automagically

"FranklyAI" describes how to use Python and ACORD Transcriber to automatically read ACORD Forms. 

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