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Secure Decentralized Data Reconciliation & Validation

ADEPT (ACORD Data Exchange Platform & Translator)TM s a platform for real-time data exchange, translation, and transformation. It links trading partners, and provides data structure, validation, and reconciliation. ADEPT provides a next-generation market capability to increase the timeliness, accuracy, and security of your data.

ASG FormPortal How it works

ADEPT is also optimizable and expandable through interfacing with a variety of value-add functional applications. ASG is continually developing focused applications for various business processes and transaction types, enabling clients to leverage ADEPT across the insurance value chain. We are also working with vendors and other partners who are interested in building value-added solutions around the ADEPT platform.

What ADEPT Does

  • Provide secure, decentralized data validation for placements, submissions, policies, accounting & claims
  • Process, match, and reconcile discrepancies efficiently using structured data access
  • Provide “single source of truth” for accurate, real-time transaction verification

How ADEPT Provides Value

  • Create efficiency savings through process optimization
  • Enable effective, secure information comparison and validation across the insurance value chain
  • Improve compliance and reduce errors/fraud compared to legacy manual administrative processes

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