ACORD, a nonprofit organization serving the global insurance and related industries, facilitates fast, accurate data exchange and more efficient workflows through the development of electronic standards, standardized forms, and tools to support their use. 


Since 1970, ACORD has been an industry leader in identifying ways to help its members make improvements across the insurance value chain. Implementing ACORD Standards has been shown to improve data quality and flow, increase efficiency, and realize billion-dollar savings to the global insurance industry. 


In 2016, ACORD Solutions Group was formed as an industry-owned extension of ACORD, in order to further support the implementation of ACORD Standards by reducing the risk, cost, and time associated with their deployment.


Currently, ACORD engages more than 36,000 participating organizations spanning 100 countries, including insurance and reinsurance companies, agents and brokers, software providers, financial services organizations and industry associations. With the tools and resources provided by ACORD and ACORD Solutions Group, these participants are equipped to deal with the current business environment while influencing and shaping the future of the industry.


Learn more about ACORD at www.acord.org